Managing your Property

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In addition to our letting service, you can opt to let us manage your property as well.

Easy rent collection

We insist that all rents are paid by standing order into our dedicated Client Account. As soon as the funds have cleared, we send you an electronic BACS payment and email you a monthly statement.

Should a payment not be received from a tenant, we will immediately get in touch with them to arrange payment over the phone. Should we still be unable to recover any arrears, we will make a claim on the Rent Guarantee Plan on your behalf, keeping you in touch every step of the way.

Regular Inspections

We carry out regular inspections to make sure the property is being looked after properly, with our thorough 50-point checklist. We’ll deal with any issues and then send you a full inspection report detailing any issues and how we’re remedying them.


If there are any problems at the property, our property management team will deal with it and your tenants on your behalf.

We always notify you of the problem, giving you the option of handling it yourself or using one of our approved contractors. If you agree to their estimate, we will manage the whole repair and liaise with tenant and contractor.

Because of the volume of work we commission, our approved contractors offer excellent service at preferential rates. We’ll pay the invoice for you, pass on any discounts (some agents keep it for themselves!) and then deduct the cost from the next rental payment to you.

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