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What do tenants want from the rental experience?

A new survey by an online letting firm found an interesting range of answers when it comes to the rental market and energy-efficiency:

  • 98% of tenants say they would prefer to live in an energy-efficient home

  • 52% of tenants would be willing to pay an additional 10% to live in this style of property

  • 33% of tenants said they would be happy to pay an additional 5% in rent to live in this style of property

  • 8% of tenants said they would be happy to pay an additional 20% to live in this style of property

  • 85% of tenants say they would be happy to consider a “green lease”

What do tenants expect to find in their rental property?

  • 95% of tenants expect their rental property to have double glazing

  • 92% expect their rental property to have loft or wall insulation

  • 92% of respondents expect recycling bins at their rental property

  • 73% of respondents expect LED lightbulbs

  • 56% expect smart meters in their rental property

  • 50% of tenants expect dual flush toilets

  • 38% expect smart thermostats

  • 26% expect solar panels and ground source heating

This provides an extensive list of changes and improvements landlords can make to their rental property, but of course, there are costs involved. As a landlord, it is vital you provide tenants with a satisfactory rental experience, but you must also ensure that you manage your rental accommodations like a business.

If you need guidance in managing rental property in Enfield, ensuring you balance the needs of tenants with your personal aims, we can help. Contact The Letting Line today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Jonathan Daines is the founder of the company behind the survey, and he said; “We’ve heard a lot recently about the cost to landlords of making their properties greener, from replacing gas boilers with heat pumps to installing insulation. This survey has revealed that tenants are prepared to play their part too, with over half of renters happy to pay more for greener homes. It is overwhelmingly clear that tenants are demanding greener choices than the rental sector currently offers.”

Jonathan continued by saying; “Clearly, renters know what they want when it comes to green credentials. And while many landlords can’t afford solar panels or heat pumps, smaller eco improvements can help properties stand out and increase renter appeal. Landlords should be mindful of this sentiment and take any steps they can to make their properties greener.”

Jonathan Daines, concluded by saying; “The pandemic has, quite understandably, occupied a large share of our attention over the past 18 months. However, instead of drawing attention away from environmental issues, it has helped us to take a new look at human health, including the need to support it in the longer term by facing our environmental responsibilities head-on. These are all small steps, but they quickly add up, ensuring that landlords can ‘do their bit’ when it comes to working towards a greener world. Those looking to go the extra mile can consider green leases too, where environmental obligations between the landlord and tenant become contractual, encouraging both parties to do what they can to make the property more sustainable.”

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